There is nothing more painful than seeing how our hat is getting deteriorate and starts losing its original appearance. And it’s a fact that we have all had doubts regarding the maintenance of our appreciated complement. For this reason, we have created a guide with a few simple tips to make sure that our favorite accessory always shines like the day it came into our hands.

Conservation of your WITTE

When you place your Witte on a flat surface, place it face down on its cup, not on its wing. Contrary to what you may think, if you leave it on the wing it will flatten and change shape.
You can also hang your Witte hat on a coat rack. Make sure the hook is wide enough not to pierce it. Don’t leave your hat on a hook for long periods of time if you don’t want it to change its shape.

If you plan to keep your hat for a long time, then it is better to put it in the box in which we send it to you, since it is specially designed to keep it in perfect condition. Store the box in a cool, dry place, as both heat and humidity can damage your hat.

How to clean your WITTE?


If your felt hat looks dirty, brush it off. Use a horsehair brush, as those made of nylon bristles can be too abrasive for the felt. A soft shoe shine brush can work, or if you prefer you can buy brushes made especially for hats. Brush it gently in small anti-clockwise movements.


You can clean your Witte with a slightly damp cloth.

Hair and fluff.

If your hat is covered with pet hair or lint, gently wipe it off with a piece of sticky tape. Wrap it around your fingers, sticky side out, and gently slide it over it.

To remove a stain on a felt hat, you can use an eraser or a kitchen sponge. Remember not to rub the hat too hard.


If you wet your Witte, let it dry naturally. The artificial heat from a hair dryer or heater can warp or shrink the hat.

We hope that these tips will help you keep your Witte in perfect condition for many years. Remember that you can shop our Collection or get a fully customized hat made exclusively for you.

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